We’re Back!

Hi everyone – sorry it has taken so long for us to update the website, but we have been locked out of it right through level 4 and 3, and only gained access again today.

We want to assure you all that we are still working on each of your reservations to obtain clarification for each component of your booking and to advise you accordingly.

Suppliers are constantly updating/changing their policies so please continue to bear with us.

We are working reduced/staggered hours, and are open from 9am to 2:30pm weekdays, however please make an appointment as not all consultants are in the office each day.

Throughout this very difficult time we have been so lucky to have the support and understanding of our very valued clients. It has made this unique time in our industry much that much easier. To those of you who have just stopped by to say hello, thank you. It has been lovely to see you.