Chatham’s with Angela

Its right on your NZ doorstep….. a holiday to the Chatham Islands! The Chatham Islands is on many of my clients bucket lists. As some of you know I was brought up on the Chatham Island in the 50’s and 60’s and can share my local knowledge with you. Also known as Rekohu island in the indigenous Moriori language, the Chatham Islands are a short (approx 2 hour) domestic flight away from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with Air Chathams.
Explore the golden sandy beaches or take an afternoon stroll around the bay accompanied by the local wekas. Stop at the Basalt Columns in Ohira Bay and marvel at their geometric pattern, a spectacular feature of the volcanic landscapes of the Chatham Islands.
The natural beauty and charm of the Chatham islands also provides inspiration for  local artists and their paintings, ceramics and jewellery are showcased by appointment. And forget the fabulous Blue Cod and Crayfish.
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