Covid-19 update

As the situation with Covid 19 continues to escalate, the team at Searle Travel wishes to acknowledge you, our valued customers.

We understand those of you with existing travel arrangements are concerned about the financial implications.  Most of the major suppliers, airline, cruise lines, touring companies etc are offering credits etc, however their policies are changing all the time.  It is in your interest to wait until closer to your departure date before we action postponements/cancellations as the suppliers are far more flexible with immediate departures.

We are working on each booking in date departure order.

This means for every element of every booking we are looking for the latest information from each supplier, which is changing daily.  For this reason alone we must only address the bookings due to travel in the next 48-72 hours.

Your consultant will be in touch with you as soon as your booking comes into date range.  We very much appreciate your patience at this time as we try to prioritise the volume of bookings we now need to address individually.

For those of you who have called in to offer a word or token of support we also wish to thank you for your thoughtfulness at this very challenging time.


Karen, Jody, Diane & our travel brokers, Robyn, Amelia, Angela and Carol.